A European Project on
Human Rights and Physical Health
of Residents in Psychiatric and Social Care Institutions
Funded by
the European Commission, DG Sanco
a project funded by the European Commission

Centre for Mental Health Care Development, Prague, CZ

Centre for Mental Health Care Development (CMHCD) is a non-governmental, nonprofit organization created in 1995 by Czech mental health care providers.

Mission Statement

The organization's mission is to help develop mental health care in the Czech Republic. CMHCD's work is in line with the Principles for the Protection of Persons with Mental Illnesses and the Improvement of Mental Health Care adopted by a UN General Meeting No. 46/119 in December 1991.
The principles declare treatment and care about mental patients a basic human right.

CMHCD's main mission is to provide information and facilitate identifying and resolving problems in mental health care. All activities, many of which get expert support from abroad, are addressed both to direct care providers, users and state administration employees of different levels (ministerial, regional, municipal) as well as health insurance companies.

CMHCD carries out the following activities:

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Centre for Mental Health Care Development
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