A European Project on
Human Rights and Physical Health
of Residents in Psychiatric and Social Care Institutions
Funded by
the European Commission, DG Sanco
a project funded by the European Commission

Mental Disability Advocacy Center (MDAC), Budapest, HU

The Mental Disability Advocacy Center (MDAC) is a Hungarian foundation established in response to an identified need for a regional human rights organisation to specifically challenge human rights abuses against people with disabilities.

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Mission Statement

The Mental Disability Advocacy Center (MDAC) advances the human rights of children and adults with actual or perceived intellectual or psycho-social disabilities. Focusing on Europe and Central Asia, it uses a combination of law and advocacy to promote equality and social integration.
MDAC's vision is for a world that values emotional, mental and learning differences, and where people respect each other's autonomy and dignity.

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Team Members

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Mental Disability Advocacy Centre
Rakoczi ut 27/B
1088 Budapest
Phone: +36 1 413 2730
Fax: +36 1 413 2739
Email: mdac(at)mdac.info