A European Project on
Human Rights and Physical Health
of Residents in Psychiatric and Social Care Institutions
Funded by
the European Commission, DG Sanco
a project funded by the European Commission

Integra - Association for Mental Health, Michalovce, SK

Integra has rich experiences in mental health care, antistigma work and mental health promotion in Michalovce and other regions of Slovakia.

During the last 14 years Integra has contributed strongly to the reintegration of people with mental health problems into society and to the shift from hospital to community mental health care. A network of community mental health services has been created in the model standard region of Michalovce.

Mission Statement

Our vision is to provide a system of mental health care that promotes mental health, prevents mental illness, frees people with mental disorders from social exclusion and paternalism, enables their integration into the community and prevents hospitalization whenever possible.

Integra's services include 4 community services for the people with severe mental health problems: psychosocial rehabilitation centre, sheltered living, sheltered work, case management and outpatient care.

Team Members


Integra, o. z. - Association for Mental Health
Pri mlyne 1430, P. O. Box 11
07101 Michalovce
Phone: +421 56 6421714
Fax: +421 56 6421714
Email: jankahurova(at)zoznam.sk