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Human Rights and Physical Health
of Residents in Psychiatric and Social Care Institutions
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Romanian Association for Community Psychiatry, Bucharest, RO

The Romanian Association for Community Psychiatry was founded in 2002 as an alternative to the traditional mental care. The RACP is a Romanian NGO which promotes community psychiatry initiatives, psychosocial rehabilitation programs and user involvement.

Mission Statement

The RACP is a professional association working for the improvement of the quality of life of persons with severe mental health problems and their families.

RACP is also involved in providing trainings and lectures in community psychiatry, a project started in 2004 for psychiatric nurses, psychiatric trainees, psychiatrists working in ambulatory settings, other mental health professionals.

Another top priority of RAPC is legislative change. In the year 2005, the association was an active partner in coalition of NGO's lobbying for alternative, more respectful methods of mental health care in Romania .

Together with Monitoring Media Agency and Concept Foundation, RACP elaborated an anti-stigma strategy, a project that was implemented in 2006.

Team Members


Romanian Association for Community Psychiatry
16 Burdujeni Street, Sector 3
Bucharest 32739
Phone: +40 - 21 - 334 3471
Fax: +40 - 21 - 334 3471