A European Project on
Human Rights and Physical Health
of Residents in Psychiatric and Social Care Institutions
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the European Commission, DG Sanco
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University of Verona - Department of Medicine and Public Health - Section of Psychiatry and Clinical Psychology, Verona, IT

The Section of Psychiatry and Clinical Psychology has a long lasting tradition of combining research, teaching and clinical activities in an integrated way. For these reasons, it was firstly designated as a WHO Collaborating Centre in 1987 and it has been reconfirmed ever since.

Clinically, the institution is responsible of a comprehensive community mental health service (CMHS) for an area of 100,000 population, with both intramural and extramural facilities fully coordinated and providing continuity of care. Facilities include a psychiatric ward in the general hospital, liaison psychiatry, a community mental health centre, residential hostels, an outpatient department and other community-based facilities, the Service of Psychosomatics and Clinical Psychology, and the Service of Psychotherapy.

Mission Statement

The Institution believes its principal responsibility is to the more disturbed and disturbing individuals, to whom it attempts to provide care in the least restrictive environment, i. e., with a minimum use of the hospital.

Continuity of care is facilitated by the same staff members' working both in the intramural and extramural programs ("single staff" module).

The main research activities of the institution include: Patterns of Care, Cost Evaluation, Outcome Studies, Clinical Psychopharmacology and Drug Epidemiology, Brain Imaging and Neuropsychology, Clinical Psychology and Communication in Medicine.

Education and training is offered to undergraduate and post-graduate students: thanks to the combination of academic credentials and commitment to operate in the community the institution provides students with the opportunity to obtain up-to-date education, and to receive their training in settings identical to those that they will find in their professional life.

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Section of Psychiatry and Clinical Psychology
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